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Your Air Conditioning Unit Could Be More Efficient

Schedule an air conditioning service in the Perry, Ponca City & Enid, OK area

How old is your air conditioning unit? If your unit is more than 10 years old, it’s time to call DND Air Solutions LLC for a replacement. Even if your unit appears to be working properly, your energy bills can drastically decrease after we install a new unit.

We also offer maintenance and repair services for AC units. Call 580-370-5023 today to schedule air conditioning services in the Perry, Ponca City, OK area.

4 signs you need AC repairs

Don’t try and brave the heat with a broken air conditioning unit. DND Air Solutions LLC offers affordable AC repairs in the Perry, Ponca City, OK area. It’s time for you to schedule AC repairs for your residential or commercial property if:

  1. Your unit will not turn on or off.
  2. Your unit is making strange noises.
  3. Your unit isn’t blowing out cold air.
  4. Your unit is leaking coolant or water.

We offer a one-year labor warranty on all our repairs, maintenance and installations.